現在是流行一年寫一次網誌是嗎? XDDD
老實說 本次澳網第一週
破碗我完全在過著表面上嚴肅 腦袋裡頭不停轉啊轉的上班族日子啊
上班的時候 邊處理事情 邊開著Australian Open的網頁偷偷看比分
我想這樣的刺激 實在是不亞於看比賽的過程
這次是澳網第100屆 聽說有在賣紀念幣是嗎??


除夕特別節目 就是看那場費德勒先生對上19歲的年輕小夥子TOMIC

天啊 一整個覺得也太好看了吧
當今網壇 也只有Roger Federer了 :)
好幾記的aces, 放小球, 帥到爆炸的單手反拍
除夕看到這個 也太開心了吧 哈哈哈
但在此也不得不稱讚一下Tomic 他比起從前和Roger打的新手老手 算是挺穩的

我竟然算錯Roger對上Del Potro的比賽時間了 ><
出去玩回來 趕緊打開電腦
還好是三盤過關 沒事 沒事
賽前一直很緊張說 Del Potro不容小覷啊!!
其實我也蠻喜歡Del Potro這個人的
當時他排名第五時 我也希望他能再前進一點
把其他人打爆最好 :D
這場比賽雙方握手致意 Del Potro的舉動
讓人感覺挺溫暖的 好孩子
這張照片被我偷偷收藏起來了 哈

昨天從台中趕回來 看Roger的半決賽
一打開電視 Roger第一盤4-1領先
老實說 真不敢相信自己眼睛所看到的
心情大好 但隨後 戰況陷入膠著 甚至可以說是漸漸走向劣勢= =
覺得 好像和從前有一些些不同 說不太上來 但還是試著描述一下好了

他好像 好像 變柔和了
(他是無力好嗎...)←這很可能是某些人的os XD
好吧 如果硬要和年紀扯上關係的話
在該用力的時候 突然俐落的發狠
也許是Roger的省力方式吧?! 只有Roger自己知道了 :)
我覺得非常的精采 面對納豆瘋狂攻擊反拍
老實說 我看得很開心~ 我愛死費德勒那些好看的單手反拍了 >///<
一一化解盤末點 真是奇蹟耶
賽末點的時候 我還認為他有機會反擊
球是圓的 why not?
我想費德勒也相信 還有點機會
下一秒搞不好逆轉 誰知道
可惜製造出來的機會 沒能把握

就讓我們繼續一起看著Roger Federer
直到最後,好嗎? :)

R. NADAL/R. Federer

6-7, 6-2, 7-6, 6-4

SF Interview from Australian Open HERE

(稍微翻譯一下,有問題或錯誤的地方,還請大家指教喔!! 幫忙我,讓我學習一下,謝謝嘿!! :D)

Q. It was another great, great match, but also big loss. How do you explain it? Do you think it was a matter of few points or also legs at the end were a little tired?

這又是一場重量級的比賽,但對你來說也是個嚴重的損失。你怎麼看這場比賽? 你覺得只是幾分的差距或是最後雙腳有點跑不動了?

ROGER FEDERER: I thought Rafa played well from start to finish, really. I started really well myself. It was obviously a big set for me to win, and missed obviously the opportunities in some of all the sets maybe.

But Rafa did well to hang in there. At the end was a bit better. It was a tough match physically as well, but, you know, only beginning of the season.

I'm feeling all right, so it's okay.

我想Rafa從頭到尾都打得很好,真的很不錯。 我ㄧ開始也打得蠻好的,能贏第一盤對我來說很重要,也許我在這幾盤顯然都沒有好好把握機會。

Q. You're having trouble with your forehand. Was there any reason for that, do you think?

ROGER FEDERER: I don't think it was that bad. I'm always gonna miss forehands because I have to go after the ball. If I just put it into play he'll smack it. So it's pretty simple. I have to keep him driving it, and obviously at times I clipped the tape a bit too often.

But I hit flatter than Rafa, so it's always gonna happen, some of it. I thought I retrieved well again. Obviously the surface is not the fastest, but he does a good job getting a lot of balls back and staying in the points.

And then obviously he's got great passing shots and so forth. You have to, you know, go after it and try your best there.

我不覺得有那麼糟糕。 我總是在追球之後正拍失準。 如果我到位才打,他會察覺。 所以策略很簡單,我必須讓他疲於奔命,但顯然這招我用過頭了。

但我的球打得比Rafa還平直,所以有些時候會出界。 我想我球救得還不錯,可惜的是這球場不是最快的場地。但他回擊得很好,守住了那些分數。


Q. We have heard what Rafa thinks of the rivalry. What's your take on it after a game like that tonight?

ROGER FEDERER: We have had good matches over the years. I enjoy playing him. The crowd really gets into it, which is nice. We have a lot of respect for each other, which is good, too, I think.

I hope it inspires future generations or other players, you know, being nice to each other on the court and all that stuff.

You know, works as well at the highest of levels. Yeah, we also kind of, you know, play well against each other. I always think he plays a bit better against me than against other players, but that's good for him.



Q. We saw his emotions after the match. What were yours as you left the court?
比賽後我們看到他展現了自己的情緒,那麼你的情緒呢? 就在你離開球場的時候。

ROGER FEDERER: I didn't see what he was doing, you know. I don't see much, anyway, because I turn around very often and I focus on my thing.

You know, I mean, I was slightly disappointed, obviously, you know, leaving center court, because I, you know, felt like my game was good, you know, and I could have done something in the finals potentially.

But I don't have to worry about that now anymore. It's fine. I feel okay now. You know, it's in the past already.


Q. How many times do you think you'll keep coming back here?

ROGER FEDERER: How many times? I hope often.
幾次? 我希望常常。

Q. Still have a few left in you, do you think?


Q. I think you lost 11 points after the break. Is there any frustration in having a timeout in the middle of an intense match like that with the fireworks?


ROGER FEDERER: It's not helpful, that's for sure. Then again, I know I lost a lot of points in a row. I probably don't want to say I would have lost the set anyway, but I was down in the score.

The important was to get back from that Love40. Like you say, I lost many, many points in a row. It was surprising to me. At the French Open finals there also is I think multiple interruptions. You know, in many of the matches we have had that in the match.

Obviously if you're gonna play that many times, you'll always have some strange things happening during matches. That was a different one. I have had it in the past. I don't remember sitting out and waiting for it, but I remember playing Lleyton here on Australia Day. I don't remember if we sat down or actually played through it.

But they told us before, so it wasn't a surprise for us, and we could I don't want to say plan with it but kind of almost waited for the fireworks, you know, to start until our game was over, which is kind of nice.

能夠確定的是,沮喪沒有任何幫助。 我知道我ㄧ口氣輸了很多分,我不想認為自己可能會輸掉那一盤,但我的確落後。



Q. The margins are always so fine and you had to deal with  if you win everything it's fine, and if you lose everything is sort of a disaster.

ROGER FEDERER: Depends who you ask.


Q. You cope with these victories and losses more than anyone on the tour right now. How do you keep your equilibrium on occasions like this?


ROGER FEDERER: You look at that I haven't lost in five months or something, you know. It's not that bad. Don't feel too sorry for me kind of thing. Obviously I would have loved to have come through and, you know, gotten a crack, a chance at winning the title here again.

It's been one of the most successful tournaments in my life here. It's the ninth time I am in the straight semifinals. Clearly I'm disappointed.

But then again, important is the reaction from now, you know. Where do I go from here? You know, start planning other trips. Start planning the preparations, and, again, have, you know, a good reaction like I showed after the US Open.

你是指過去五個月我還沒輸過? 事情沒有那麼糟糕, 不要太為我感到可惜。如果我能克服難關一路闖進決賽,擁有再次奪冠的機會,當然好啊。但在我的職業生涯裡,這次的澳網已經算是表現很好了,連續九次進入半決賽。我是挺失望的。
但最重要的是從現在開始的應對,我要從哪裡開始? 從什麼地方再站起來繼續其他的比賽,開始重新準備,就像去年美網後我又從新爬起來那樣。

Q. Do you think there was a key moment today maybe when you had break point...

你覺得今天哪些時刻是關鍵的? 也許是你拿到破發點的時候?

ROGER FEDERER: There was many. There was many key moments, not just one, in my opinion.
有很多,有很多關鍵的時刻。 在我看來,不只一個。

Q. Do you think Rafa seems to play better against you than the other players? Do you know why? Do you have an explanation?

你認為Rafa在對上你的時候,打得比對上其他對手的時候好? 你知道為什麼嗎?對此你有任何看法嗎?

ROGER FEDERER: I don't know if it's true. It's my assumption. I feel he plays really good against me. Now obviously I play a different game, too. I have a onehanded backhand. He's played me that many times on clay, so maybe he always draws something out of those matches.

He's also got a winning record against me which maybe gives him extra confidence, I don't know. Yeah, I think he has a clear plan and he follows that one very well.

Like I said, I think he just plays good, you know, and he's obviously improved a lot on all surfaces over the years. Anyway, every surface is very similar today, otherwise we couldn't have achieved all these things on all these different surfaces so quickly, like him and myself.

He's a very good player, obviously.





Q. It's always an event when you two play. Did the sense of occasion feel significantly different today, given it was a semifinal and not a final?


ROGER FEDERER: Not really. I mean, once I start a tournament I don't read much press or none at all so I don't know exactly how much the buildup was to it, you know, compared to a finals.

So I figured people got excited, because I was, and I was very happy with my game this entire tournament. Even today, you know, I had good moments.

Yeah, so I don't know if it was for me it didn't feel any different, you know, a finals or a semis against Rafa. It's always an occasion, like you mentioned.

Yeah, it was the same.

不盡然。 我是說,一但我開始比賽,我不太看或者不看報章雜誌,所以我不知道媒體是把這件事寫成什麼樣子,怎麼把它和決賽相比。




Q. Did it feel different though walking off before a trophy presentation this time?


ROGER FEDERER: It's nicer, yeah. I prefer to walk off this way than having to go through the trophy ceremony after losing.

對啊 這樣更好。比起輸掉決賽後還要度過頒獎典禮的時刻,我比較偏好在這時候輸掉。

Q. You now trail 82 in Grand Slams to Nadal. Is that in your mind when you go on court?

ROGER FEDERER: No, not really.

你在大滿貫輸掉82場比賽,落後於納豆的紀錄。 當你上場比賽時,你有想到這個嗎?

Q. (Question regarding Rafa's record against him in Grand Slams.)

ROGER FEDERER: No, I respect it. I think he's doing great against me. It is what it is, you know. At the end I care about my titles, if I'm happy or not as a person. Headtoheads for me, I mean, are not the most important. If I beat Andre 10 times in a row or Lleyton many times in a row, at the end of the day I don't care.

I remember the matches on that given day, that I played well against them or not, and I don't remember the headtohead that much. All I know is that we've played many times, and either comes my way or his way. Rallies have gone a little bit more his way obviously.

我尊重這個紀錄。我想他和我比賽的時候表現得很好。就是這樣。就個人而言,不管開心或難過,最終我只關心奪冠於否。對戰紀錄對我而言,不是最重要的。如果我連續擊敗Andre 10次或Lleyton 很多次,這都不是我關心的事。


Q. If you're down two sets to one versus Nadal, is that the worst feeling you can have against another player? He's the player that worries more you when the match goes long, long, long, three hours and so on? No difference?


ROGER FEDERER: No, no. You're in the wrong sport if you think that way. I mean, Ferrer did great yesterday, you know, trying to plug away after losing first set, second set. He could have gotten both.

You just keep on trying and keep on working hard, you know. It's still a long way to the finish line. And, again, it was awfully close in the fourth set. Turned it around, and you never know how he feels in the fifth set.

I'm not worried going into five sets against him. If I were, you know, I wouldn't be the player I am today.

It's very important to be strong mentally, believe in your physical, you know, capabilities, yeah. So wrong question to the wrong guy.


我不擔心跟他打五盤,如果我擔心的話,我就不是今天的Roger Federer。


(其實破覺得很奇怪,Ferrer昨天有比賽嗎??? @@?)

Q. Do you have a pick from the other semi? What kind of game do you think Andy will play now since he's working with Lendl against Djokovic?

關於另一組的半決賽,你覺得誰會勝出? 你覺得Andy和Lendl教練搭配後,對上Djokovic會打出什麼樣的球賽?

ROGER FEDERER: I mean, look, they just started. You have to give it some time, too. I would assume. I think both are playing really well. I knew that or have the feeling that both of them are gonna have another very good season.

How good starting now we'll see who makes the finals. But it's going to be an interesting match to follow. One guy has to lose, so it's not so simple.

But I think both are playing good enough also again to win this title. I think all four of us really. But there's only gonna be one winner, and I'm interested to see who it's gonna be, too.


結論就是 從哪裡跌倒,從哪裡爬起來啦!!! :)))


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