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Roger Federer
Saturday, August 29, 2009

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. As of 2014 the US Open will be the only Grand Slam without a roof. Do you think the Open should have a roof?
(2014的時候US Open將會是唯一沒有屋頂的大滿貫。你覺得美網應該要有屋頂嗎?)
ROGER FEDERER: Is French Open confirmed? Not yet? So it might not be.
Well, I mean, is it necessary? I mean, if you look back in history, maybe not. I don't know. But because it's normally summertime here, but last year was it a Monday final? Yeah, it was. Those are just things that are unpredictable, and with a roof you can make it more predictable for fans, sponsors, TV, for players. You know, that's why it's a good thing to have. That's why I'm obviously for it. I think especially, you know, in America we have so many wonderful stadiums, I mean, you figure it's kind of normal that they would be taking the lead with something like this.
(法網確定了嗎? 還是還沒? 所以美網有可能不會是唯一沒屋頂的。我是說,這真的需要嗎?如果你回頭看看歷史,也許不需要。我不知道。但因為這裡是正常的夏季,去年是在星期一決賽嗎?是的。那些都是無法預測的事情,但是有屋頂的話對球迷、贊助商、電視、球員來說是比較能預測的。那就是為什麼有屋頂是件好事。那就是為什麼我還蠻贊成的。我想特別是在美國,我們有這麼多這麼棒的場地。你會發現引領潮流做這件事情還蠻正常的。)

Q. What's different about your mental approach to your first Major since you set the record?
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, it's always a bit of a more, to me, relaxed part of the season, because I've come off five weeks of, you know, being at home, whereas prior to Wimbledon, French Open, it's a very busy time I feel like through Europe with the clay. I'm just getting this time more relaxed. I've won already two Slams this year. That takes away pressure from maybe having to do well here, like the feeling I had last year, not having won a Slam last year, trying to get the first one.
This year is different. I feel like I'm playing great. That gives me obviously a lot of confidence and relaxes my mind.

Q. What's been the biggest common denominator for your dominance here in the last several years?
ROGER FEDERER: I was very successful I think in 2004 and 2005 and hardcourts in general, especially here in the States. I won Houston, Masters Cup back to back in '03 and '04. I won I think almost every Masters Series I played on hardcourt, so the US Open was sort of part of that great run. I was on on hardcourts.
I had an incredible record as well against top 10 players. I think I didn't lose against one in 24 straight matches or something like that. That obviously is going to push you through also at the US Open. Now I used to struggle here a bit more just because conditions were really difficult, but then I started to embrace everything, and I enjoyed the wild city, you know, New York, the way crowds are and how loud it is and everything.
And now I love everything about it. Especially the city and the fans here. I mean, that's definitely helped especially last year, for instance.
(我想在2004和2005年還蠻成功的,在硬地也是,特別是在美國。03和04年我贏過Houston, Masters Cup。我想在硬地上的大師賽我差不多都贏了,所以美網部份來說也是打得不錯。我在硬地對抗前10名的球員有不錯的紀錄。我想我沒有連續輸過24場比賽,或像那樣的東西。 很明顯的那也在美網推了你一把。我也許因為情況艱難而掙扎了一下,但後來我開始對所有事情展開雙臂,我很享受這個瘋狂的城市,紐約,這裡群眾的模式,還有吵鬧,和所有一切。現在我喜歡它的所有一切,特別是這個城市還有這裡的球迷。舉例來說,特別是在去年,那的確幫助了我。 )

Q. Is there a secret to win here?
ROGER FEDERER: I think it's one of the toughest tournaments to win out there, because everybody is going for the last Grand Slam of the season. Everybody can play on hardcourts. Nobody has excuses that they never played on hardcourts, because that's the majority of the surface. That's where I think it's really difficult to win here.
Secrets, I don't know, belief, being a good enough player. You rarely see surprises at the US Open, and I guess just because we're into a full season, this is what everybody's match tough and fit, fit to go, and it makes it difficult to win here.

Q. Last year everyone was coming from Beijing. What difference do you expect from sort of the field, not having to come from the Olympics?
ROGER FEDERER: Like I said, just more relaxed, you know. Less pressure, but as eager to do well. Last year I felt like I had to win, but it would have been, you know, disappointing not to have won a Slam last year, not having defended my title from the year before.
I guess everything fell into place, and today I find myself No. 1 in the world, and you know, defending champion, thanks to how great I played last year.
I'm looking forward, I'm feeling well, playing great, playing offensive tennis. That's also what made me win last year, but the feeling is good, you know. I feel physically and mentally really fresh, which is great to feel after so many matches played already this year.

Q. Do you have to make sure you're not too relaxed?
ROGER FEDERER: Not really, because I guess I'm relaxed in between. I think that's more I'm not thinking tennis, you know, nonstop when I leave the site and stuff, which in the past, occasionally happens I guess. But I feel like my game is exactly there where I want it to be, so don't have many open questions. I think that's the relaxing part.
Once walking through the tunnel to Arthur Ashe things change, you know. Pressure arises, and I hope I can handle it.
(不盡然,因為我想我放鬆的狀態在兩極之間。我想那比較像是我不會想網球的事,當我離開場地和這些東西在過去我會不停的想,現在偶爾會這樣。但我覺得我現在的網球已經到了我想要的程度,所以沒有太多問題。我想那就是放鬆的部份。一旦走入前往Arthur Ashe的通道,有些事情會改變,可能會有點壓力,而我希望自己能夠把它處理好。)

Q. Have you spoken to Andy about the Wimbledon final since that match? What was that conversation like?
ROGER FEDERER: Not really. That's not stuff you do, really. Maybe you do that in 25 years' time, you know, play some exhibitions as old guys. You don't do that really like when it's still so fresh.

Q. Obviously he wanted to win, he's an opponent. Is there any part of you that feels a little bad for the guy because of the way it ended, 16 14?
(顯然地他想要贏,他是對手。你覺得這樣16 14結束對對手來說有點糟嗎?)
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I mean, I think it's always tough in tennis that there are no draws, there is always going to be a winner, even though both have played great throughout the event, let's say. But at the end unfortunately there's always going to be one winner, both sides. I've walked off tennis courts as a loser many, many times. I wouldn't ask for the other guy to feel sorry for me or the fans. It's just part of the game. Same thing here.
I'm happy it was a great match. I think that's what we look back on.

Q. You are a facing 18 year old Devin Britton in the first round. You were 18 years old once probably facing people higher ranked than you. What kind of advice do you have for a young kid in a situation like that facing the No. 1 in the world?
(你第一輪即將面對18歲小將Devin Britton。你也許曾經在18歲的時候面對排名比你高的球員。對於一個年輕球員在面對世界第一這樣的情況你會給他什麼建議?)
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I went through maybe something a little bit similar when I played Agassi when I was 17 in Basel, in my hometown where I used to be a ballboy. So that was a big deal for me to get a wildcard into the main draw. I played Agassi. That was disbelief. I thought people were kidding me when they told me I was playing Agassi. There were a few guys in the draw I didn't want to play. I knew I still had a lot of work to do from the baseline, and I was playing maybe one of the best players of all time in that match.
I was in shock, but you try to enjoy it and try to put in a good fight. This is a bit different, this is a Grand Slam. Best of five set match, maybe something Britton has never played before, but I think it's a good thing in tennis is you always have a chance. Doesn't matter who you play, where you play. If you think the guy's not to make a game is absurd. That's how tennis is. You have to be very careful. I have to make sure I put in a good performance.
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Roger參加Nike活動 接受NBC的訪問

這是CNN的訪問 其實問的大同小異 但開場尖叫 讓我也想尖叫 哈

(我的媽呀~ 那群人超熱情的啊~)




USO 記者會 (覺得Roger穿白襯衫好好看喔~)

更多Nike Event & USO記者會照片


因為美網開打 有很多新聞一直出來 @@
首先是Reuters:Twins unlikely to disturb Federer's slam dreams

Roger打球可能會受到一些影響 因為睡眠不足 或是重心放在小孩上之類的
但是呢 根據上週Roger才在Cincinati奪冠
似乎這對雙胞胎公主 不想擾亂爸爸的大滿貫夢想
文章開始講到說從今年5月到7月 Roger的一些事蹟 (有在追應該都知道吼)

關於這些事 Roger說:
"It's been an amazing summer in my personal life and also on court. So I guess it's sometimes still hard to believe I was able to win Paris and Wimbledon back-to-back," said Federer.
"It definitely came at the right time. I think getting back to number one with the Wimbledon win... it was amazing. And being number one in the world and having twin girls, it's something that doesn't happen every day.
"I don't see anything changing because of the twins. But that definitely has an impact on my life. So far it's a very positive impact and it's not pulling me away from the game. So I'm positive about my tennis future."

然後這篇文章就開始舉了一些過去前輩 當上爸爸後的例子 還有一些人的看法
這點 我們就等Roger來證明吧~~~


而在另一篇新聞Will Roger Federer the dad change Federer the tennis player?

不過Roger有提到一點 我覺得還蠻關鍵的:
Federer said the title was extra special because it was his first as a father.
``I had a good mind-set and I had a good nine months to get ready for it, which helped,'' the Swiss star said. ``Mirka [his wife] was great during the pregnancy, so I knew when the babies arrived that she'd be relaxed, be great support and wouldn't mind the traveling if it's necessary.''
``This lets me be free in my mind and being able to do what I do best,'' he said.

所以那些媒體 可別把我們家Roger和其他前輩做比較


Tennis week的文章 則有點長
The Tennis Week Interview: Severin Luthi
最後還訪問了每次都會陪在Roger身邊的Swiss DC隊長Severin Luthi

一開始提到說Roger幾天前的Nike活動 在Manhattan
大家一見到Roger 還是給他很多的歡呼掌聲這樣
"Playing tennis in the streets of New York City is a really big deal for a Swiss guy," Federer said. "I've had a wonderful summer both personally and on the court. Getting married, having twins girls and of course winning the French Open and Wimbledon — it's been a fantastic summer and I couldn't ask for more. I feel I don't have much of a point to prove anymore. I'm more relaxed on court and really enjoying it."
"They're five weeks old and they're great," Federer said. "I've been doing some night shifts. On and off, I sleep in the same room. When I have a match, the night before, I don't (sleep in the same room).
Roger的媽媽說 這對雙胞胎孫子 真的很漂亮 很健康 大家都很開心
對於Roger, Lynette Federer則表示:
"I thought he played very well the last two matches in Cincinnati. He really loves New York — the New York crowd has embraced Roger, which is great. He feels comfortable here."

"I played several sports growing up — soccer, tennis, I was a skier, table tennis, played basketball," Federer said. "I liked tennis the best. I like the respect that exists between the two players on court and the fact tennis is a classy sport and a sport in which you can always improve. I hit against the wall for hours and hours when I was a junior and that really helped me improve and develop my game."

最後Tennis week 訪問了Swiss DC隊長
Tennis Week: Severin, I thought Roger looked really sharp, particularly the last two matches, in Cincinnati. How do you feel about his current form and his prospects for winning his sixth straight US Open two weeks from now?

Severin Luthi: I think for sure it was special, his performance in Cincinnati, with his kids being born after Wimbledon and everything that's happened since the French Open. We had good preparation in Switzerland. He has been playing better and better and so it was great to see Roger playing so well in Cincinnati. He was able to lift his level up for each opponent as the tournament went on so that was very important to his victory in Cincinnati. It is very important for sure, for Roger to have that confidence coming into the US Open. But we still have to play the first match and win it. For sure, Roger is in good shape heading into the Open. He knows he can play well here because he has done it before.

Tennis Week: Roger has looked very relaxed and confident on court since the French Open. Do you sense that?
Severin Luthi: For sure, like always he is relaxed. I think that's a big key for him: how relaxed he is and how he can play relaxed especially in these important matches. For me, that did not change. He's always had that.

Tennis Week: It looked liked he really went after the returns against Murray and Djokovic. Almost like he was sending a message: I am going to really go after the return on the second serve. What were the tactics the two of you discussed before the Murray and Djokovic matches and how important was that in his win and also going forward to the next time he plays those two players?
(在對抗Murray和Djokovic的時候,他看起來好像會去接那些回擊球。好像他在放消息說:二發我還是要去接那些回擊。在那兩場比賽前你和Roger討論的這個戰術是什麼?而對他的勝利有多重要? 還有對於下次對上他們兩個又是如何?)
Severin Luthi: I just think on this level it's always important to do a little bit something else, something different. On this level, you cannot just always do the same thing all the time. You have to make sure you can show the opponent something different so that he doesn't know exactly what's coming. For sure, that was something we were talking about. The good thing with Roger is that he's able to do those things. Roger can mix it up a bit. That is one of his strengths to be able to mix things up and keep opponents off balance...

Tennis Week: And he has the variety to do it, which some others don't.
Severin Luthi: Exactly. Exactly. that's what I mean: with some other players you can't say they'll do a chip and charge or whatever. He is able to do those things and that's a big advantage in his game: he can mix it up and change tactics.
(這是如此! 就是這樣。那就是我所說的意思:其他一些球員你不能說他們*** 他能夠做那些事情,而那就是Roger球賽的優勢:他可以混合,而且改變策略。)

*HELP!!! 誰來教教我 do a chip and charge是什麼東西??? @@"

Tennis Week: Roger has said that six-week break he took after the Australian Open was important in that it helped his back heal and also gave him the opportunity to really train and work hard on his game. The immediate results of that work may not have been as apparent in Indian Wells or Miami, but then he won Madrid, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and now Cincinnati. How did that six-week training break help him and what specifically did you work on during that time off?
(Roger說過在澳網過後6週的休息很重要,那幫助他的背復原,而且也給他訓練以及努力提升他球賽的機會。那些努力也許在Indian Wells和Miami無法立即見效,但他後來贏得Madrid、法網、溫布頓,還有現在的Cincinnati。那六週的訓練是如何幫助到他的?在休息的那段期間你做了什麼特別的努力嗎?)
Severin Luthi: Yeah sure, it did help, I think. That's also something he has done throughout a lot of his career. He has taken those breaks to really train and work on his game and have a litle time off. He takes that time to practice well and work on his game. Everything paid off and that's great.
(是啊~那真的有幫助。我想那也是在他職業生涯中做過的事。那些放假的日子他都在訓練、為他的球賽做努力,然後休息一下。他把那些時間都拿來做訓練和努力。 而每件事都有了回報,那很棒。)

Tennis Week: Last question: will Roger play Davis Cup in the September 18-20th World Group Playoff in Italy?
(最後一個問題:Roger會參加9/18-20 義大利的DC嗎?)
Severin Luthi: It's always (an option). He has played over 800 matches in his career so you never know what's gonna happen. I think there is a good chance he is gonna play Davis Cup. But now we're gonna see what happens here in New York first. But yeah, I think there's a good chance he's gonna play Davis Cup. We'll just have to wait and see what happens here at the US Open.


接下來星期六會有 Arthur Ashe Kids' Day
每次美網破都很期待這個 因為感覺很有趣很好笑 XDDD
但我最愛看Roger和納豆在一起的時候>///< 哈
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幾張Roger的訓練照... (from tennis.com.cn)
我還是不相信這人已經當爸爸了 XDDD 哈

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